A world of infinite party opportunities...

Whether you are celebrating your child's very 1st birthday, or planning a party that indulges your child's love of their favourite character - we are here to work with you to bring their ultimate party vision to life in ways you never dreamed possible.

Here you'll find a sample of the incredible themed parties we have created for our clients to date - many of which are now being showcased all over the world by some of the leading party social media sites including CatchMyParty.com, Tickled Pink Party Ideas, Confetti Fair and more.  

Where will your child's party dreams take you?  Let's find out...

Signature Parties by Pop the Balloon!

Two Tu Adorable Party

Disney Pixar Cars 1st Birthday

Disney Pixar Cars 1st Birthday


This gorgeous Prima Ballerina party featured pink tutu skirts for the dessert table, full event styling in a pink white and glittering gold colour palette, a white tutu for the high chair, and matching beverage station.  

In addition to the catered treats buffet, we also created a beautifully styled outdoor lounge area that featured pretty pink and white pom pom blankets, indulgent cushions and so much more!  The adults enjoyed sharing a meal together with a choice of dining spaces that included an elegant indoor dining table and a more casual / relaxed outdoor setting.  Both the indoor and outdoor dining spaces consisted of formal dining ware, crystal glassware and stunning table centrepieces.     

It's little wonder this particular party was popular with party bloggers including CathMyParty.com, Confetti Fair, Craft Gossip, Pinterest and more.

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Confetti Fair: http://confettifair.com.au/pink-prima-ballerina-birthday-party/

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and Catch My Party: https://www.catchmyparty.com/parties/ariannas-2nd-birthday-3

Disney Pixar Cars 1st Birthday

Disney Pixar Cars 1st Birthday

Disney Pixar Cars 1st Birthday

Disney Pixar Cars inspired 1st birthday by Pop the Balloon! Children's Parties & Events

“…with a little Rust-eze - and an insane amount of luck - you too can look like me. Ka-chow!"

I’m not sure if we needed too much ‘Rust-eze’ to create our Disney Pixar Cars inspired birthday party for an absolutely gorgeous little boy who  celebrated his very 1st birthday – BUT! I do know that the incredible vibrancy of the red, black and white checkered colour palette together with pops of yellow here and there was so effective once it was placed together on the table and looked absolutely fabulous no matter which angle you happened to observe it from. 

What stood out the most about the party was the way this young man’s 1st birthday brought together all the people he loves most in the world. Everywhere you looked there was a loved one reaching out for an extra special birthday cuddle and kiss, each taking turns to show off his favourite Disney character ‘Lightening McQueen’ who sat proudly on display at the dessert buffet and was mirrored in more ‘Lightening McQueen’ balloons and tableware that sat upon each of the dining tables. 

And WOW! Isn’t that what getting together to celebrate life’s special moments is all about? 

This party was selected for 'party of the day' on Catch My Party:  https://www.catchmyparty.com/parties/levis-1st-birthday-3

Disney Princesses Party

Disney Pixar Cars 1st Birthday

Disney Princesses Party

Disney Princesses party hosted by Pop the Balloon! Childrens Parties & Events

This magical party was constructed in the client's garage over 2 epic nights! 

It featured a pink pavilion created with just 2 photo prop stands and some wooden dowel, acres of fuschia pink fabric to created the curtained surrounds with layers of artificial floral garlands worked into frame for extra visual 'wow'. 

Inspiration for the party was taken from the popular theme of 'Disney Princesses', and all of our would-be prince and princesses were treated to an incredible display of licensed tableware and party supplies, party bags filled with licensed favours, an oversized hand mirror with a sparkling tiara, candles, lolly jars, and the table centrepiece - a Cinderella inspired pumpkin carriage with a plush 'frog prince' sitting inside!! 

Adults and children alike were truly mesmorised by the display (with one or two of our grown ups exclaiming that they too wanted a party just like this for their next birthday!). 

Arts and crafts tables, a princess hairdressing table and loads of games and prizes were also included in this one of kind event - as was the big wow factor, the balloon release at the conclusion of the happy birthday song. 300 balloons fell over the party space, much to everyone's delight. 

The best part? The sheer wonder and excitement on the faces of our littlest guests - now that alone is worth the hours, days and weeks of effort to produce!

This party was selected for 'party of the day on Catch My Party: https://www.catchmyparty.com/parties/sofias-disney-princess-3rd-birthday

A Mad Hatters Tea Party

A Mad Hatters Tea Party

Disney Princesses Party

A Mad Hatter's Tea Party presented by Pop the Balloon! Children's Parties & Events

Down down the rabbit hole until you find… wonderland.

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party has been one of our most popular party themes to date. This slightly ‘mad’ but magically whimsical party is always a hit with all ages, from the very youngest of guests - to those that are youngest at heart.  

The décor and styling is over the top, colourful, fun, and includes layers upon layers of decorative elements – including the Mad Hatter's favourite – sloppy jam sandwiches!

Our Mad Hatter's tea party has also celebrated with a young lady on her 10th birthday, has been to a local school for their vacation care program with up to 26 eager young guests, and we have even taken this party theme to a bridal shower under our sister brand (Party Utopia Events) – where the guest of honour and equally all of her guests, were completely blown away by the extravagant display.

Yet what really sets this party apart from many others is the included entertainment...  seated within 'wonderland', the children are free to get creative and make their own ‘mad’ hats.  This is then followed by the ‘Mad Hatter's Hat Parade’ - where the children can star in their own fashion parade and show off their newly created hats!  More fun follows with cupcake decorating, a game of ‘Flamingo Croquet’ as well as an opportunity to decorate their own teacups!  What a delightfully fun and silly way to spend a day!

If you’d love the fantasy of dining at the table of the Mad Hatter, then this party is one not to be missed…

Superheroes Party

A Mad Hatters Tea Party

Superheroes Party

Superhero Party hosted by Pop the Balloon! Childrens Parties & Events

Calling all superheroes!  It’s time to head to your nearest telephone booth and emerge with your cape and mask and save the party from those villainous adults!!

This party is the party where we  supersize everything!  A supersized treats buffet featuring macaroons, donuts, cupcakes, jellies, fruit and vegetables, custom cookies, lollies, chocolates – you name it!  It’s here!  Oh and did we also mention that this party also comes with a selection of life-sized superheroes made entirely from balloons!  

With hosted games and entertainment, there is yet more opportunity to supersize your party! Why not add jumping castle hire, full party catering and face-painters who balloon twist too!  Transforming your superhero party from awesome to epic is really just one telephone booth away! 

Our superhero party has proven to be yet another successful party theme, particularly in 2017 when our super party styling efforts were recognised as one of the top 10 party themes for boys.  You can check out all of the details at ‘Baby Hints and Tips’: https://babyhintsandtips.com/top-10-kids-birthday-party-themes/ 

Science Party

A Mad Hatters Tea Party

Superheroes Party

7th Birthday Science Experiment birthday party


Whilst it might have been 1 or 2 (or 20!) or so years since PtB’s Head Honcho last set foot in a school room... with thanks to the incredible talents of Artchalk (for creating our fabulous custom ‘chalkboard backdrop’) and a little help from ‘Mr Google’ we were able to cobble together enough fun ‘sciencey’ images to make it at least appear that e are every bit the science fanatic as our young birthday boy who having just turned 7, is ready to take a future leading role in the world of science. 

Balloons twisted into giant molecules sitting atop colourful balloon towers together with awesome balloon table runners add a colourful and ‘sciencey’ dimension to the display. A look that can only be created by our ‘go to’ balloon artist on the Central Coast - Keen Creations. 

Having taken our cues from the talented local artist - Artchalk, a series hand crafted science props and stands using everyday household items were designed to be an extension of the custom chalkboard backdrop were created to build out the design. The resulting table styling appeared positively 3D – as though the chalkboard itself had come to life and spilled its contents onto the dessert table! Custom lolly jars and water bottle labels completed the look with the monochromatic base colour scheme ensuring that the added colours of red, blue and green really popped. 

The children were seated at a beautifully styled banquet table where they joined the guest of honour in the fun of being a ‘scientist’ for the day.  Each received a personalised ‘Dr’s security tag' giving them 'access to all areas' within the party space, together with a ‘radioactive’ party favour box filled with science party favours, chips, balloon and science puzzle. 

No detail is overlooked in this party as we also include a clipboard, pencil, worksheet and goggles – everything our budding scientists need to look the part for this particular party. 

This party was featured on Confetti Fair:


Oh! And did we mention that this party was also featured on Catch My Party’s ‘party of the day’?  Details at: https://www.catchmyparty.com/parties/aidans-7th-birthday-experiment

We are delighted to report that our Science Party has also been featured quite prominently on Catch My Party’s Pinterest page – another popular party theme for those who love creating unique and memorable children’s parties.